Release notes

0.24.4 (2014-08-09)

0.24.3 (2014-08-09)

0.24.2 (2014-07-08)

0.24.1 (2014-06-27)

  • Fix deprecated CrawlerSettings and increase backwards compatibility with .defaults attribute (:commit:`8e3f20a`)

0.24.0 (2014-06-26)



0.22.2 (released 2014-02-14)

0.22.1 (released 2014-02-08)

0.22.0 (released 2014-01-17)



0.20.2 (released 2013-12-09)

0.20.1 (released 2013-11-28)

  • include_package_data is required to build wheels from published sources (:commit:`5ba1ad5`)
  • process_parallel was leaking the failures on its internal deferreds. closes #458 (:commit:`419a780`)

0.20.0 (released 2013-11-08)




  • Dropped Python 2.6 support (:issue:`448`)
  • Add cssselect python package as install dependency
  • Drop libxml2 and multi selector’s backend support, lxml is required from now on.
  • Minimum Twisted version increased to 10.0.0, dropped Twisted 8.0 support.
  • Running test suite now requires mock python library (:issue:`390`)


Thanks to everyone who contribute to this release!

List of contributors sorted by number of commits:

69 Daniel Graña <dangra@...>
37 Pablo Hoffman <pablo@...>
13 Mikhail Korobov <kmike84@...>
 9 Alex Cepoi <alex.cepoi@...>
 9 alexanderlukanin13 <alexander.lukanin.13@...>
 8 Rolando Espinoza La fuente <darkrho@...>
 8 Lukasz Biedrycki <lukasz.biedrycki@...>
 6 Nicolas Ramirez <>
 3 Paul Tremberth <paul.tremberth@...>
 2 Martin Olveyra <molveyra@...>
 2 Stefan <misc@...>
 2 Rolando Espinoza <darkrho@...>
 2 Loren Davie <loren@...>
 2 irgmedeiros <irgmedeiros@...>
 1 Stefan Koch <taikano@...>
 1 Stefan <cct@...>
 1 scraperdragon <dragon@...>
 1 Kumara Tharmalingam <ktharmal@...>
 1 Francesco Piccinno <>
 1 Marcos Campal <duendex@...>
 1 Dragon Dave <dragon@...>
 1 Capi Etheriel <barraponto@...>
 1 cacovsky <amarquesferraz@...>
 1 Berend Iwema <berend@...>

0.18.4 (released 2013-10-10)

0.18.3 (released 2013-10-03)

0.18.2 (released 2013-09-03)

  • Backport scrapy check command fixes and backward compatible multi crawler process(:issue:`339`)

0.18.1 (released 2013-08-27)

0.18.0 (released 2013-08-09)

  • Lot of improvements to testsuite run using Tox, including a way to test on pypi
  • Handle GET parameters for AJAX crawleable urls (:commit:`3fe2a32`)
  • Use lxml recover option to parse sitemaps (:issue:`347`)
  • Bugfix cookie merging by hostname and not by netloc (:issue:`352`)
  • Support disabling HttpCompressionMiddleware using a flag setting (:issue:`359`)
  • Support xml namespaces using iternodes parser in XMLFeedSpider (:issue:`12`)
  • Support dont_cache request meta flag (:issue:`19`)
  • Bugfix scrapy.utils.gz.gunzip broken by changes in python 2.7.4 (:commit:`4dc76e`)
  • Bugfix url encoding on SgmlLinkExtractor (:issue:`24`)
  • Bugfix TakeFirst processor shouldn’t discard zero (0) value (:issue:`59`)
  • Support nested items in xml exporter (:issue:`66`)
  • Improve cookies handling performance (:issue:`77`)
  • Log dupe filtered requests once (:issue:`105`)
  • Split redirection middleware into status and meta based middlewares (:issue:`78`)
  • Use HTTP1.1 as default downloader handler (:issue:`109` and :issue:`318`)
  • Support xpath form selection on FormRequest.from_response (:issue:`185`)
  • Bugfix unicode decoding error on SgmlLinkExtractor (:issue:`199`)
  • Bugfix signal dispatching on pypi interpreter (:issue:`205`)
  • Improve request delay and concurrency handling (:issue:`206`)
  • Add RFC2616 cache policy to HttpCacheMiddleware (:issue:`212`)
  • Allow customization of messages logged by engine (:issue:`214`)
  • Multiples improvements to DjangoItem (:issue:`217`, :issue:`218`, :issue:`221`)
  • Extend Scrapy commands using setuptools entry points (:issue:`260`)
  • Allow spider allowed_domains value to be set/tuple (:issue:`261`)
  • Support settings.getdict (:issue:`269`)
  • Simplify internal scrapy.core.scraper slot handling (:issue:`271`)
  • Added Item.copy (:issue:`290`)
  • Collect idle downloader slots (:issue:`297`)
  • Add ftp:// scheme downloader handler (:issue:`329`)
  • Added downloader benchmark webserver and spider tools Benchmarking
  • Moved persistent (on disk) queues to a separate project (queuelib) which scrapy now depends on
  • Add scrapy commands using external libraries (:issue:`260`)
  • Added --pdb option to scrapy command line tool
  • Added XPathSelector.remove_namespaces() which allows to remove all namespaces from XML documents for convenience (to work with namespace-less XPaths). Documented in 选择器(Selectors).
  • Several improvements to spider contracts
  • New default middleware named MetaRefreshMiddldeware that handles meta-refresh html tag redirections,
  • MetaRefreshMiddldeware and RedirectMiddleware have different priorities to address #62
  • added from_crawler method to spiders
  • added system tests with mock server
  • more improvements to Mac OS compatibility (thanks Alex Cepoi)
  • several more cleanups to singletons and multi-spider support (thanks Nicolas Ramirez)
  • support custom download slots
  • added –spider option to “shell” command.
  • log overridden settings when scrapy starts

Thanks to everyone who contribute to this release. Here is a list of contributors sorted by number of commits:

130 Pablo Hoffman <pablo@...>
 97 Daniel Graña <dangra@...>
 20 Nicolás Ramírez <>
 13 Mikhail Korobov <kmike84@...>
 12 Pedro Faustino <pedrobandim@...>
 11 Steven Almeroth <sroth77@...>
  5 Rolando Espinoza La fuente <darkrho@...>
  4 Michal Danilak <mimino.coder@...>
  4 Alex Cepoi <alex.cepoi@...>
  4 Alexandr N Zamaraev (aka tonal) <tonal@...>
  3 paul <paul.tremberth@...>
  3 Martin Olveyra <molveyra@...>
  3 Jordi Llonch <llonchj@...>
  3 arijitchakraborty <myself.arijit@...>
  2 Shane Evans <shane.evans@...>
  2 joehillen <joehillen@...>
  2 Hart <HartSimha@...>
  2 Dan <ellisd23@...>
  1 Zuhao Wan <wanzuhao@...>
  1 whodatninja <blake@...>
  1 vkrest <v.krestiannykov@...>
  1 tpeng <pengtaoo@...>
  1 Tom Mortimer-Jones <tom@...>
  1 Rocio Aramberri <roschegel@...>
  1 Pedro <pedro@...>
  1 notsobad <wangxiaohugg@...>
  1 Natan L <kuyanatan.nlao@...>
  1 Mark Grey <mark.grey@...>
  1 Luan <luanpab@...>
  1 Libor Nenadál <libor.nenadal@...>
  1 Juan M Uys <opyate@...>
  1 Jonas Brunsgaard <jonas.brunsgaard@...>
  1 Ilya Baryshev <baryshev@...>
  1 Hasnain Lakhani <m.hasnain.lakhani@...>
  1 Emanuel Schorsch <emschorsch@...>
  1 Chris Tilden <chris.tilden@...>
  1 Capi Etheriel <barraponto@...>
  1 cacovsky <amarquesferraz@...>
  1 Berend Iwema <berend@...>

0.16.5 (released 2013-05-30)

0.16.4 (released 2013-01-23)

0.16.3 (released 2012-12-07)

0.16.2 (released 2012-11-09)

0.16.1 (released 2012-10-26)

0.16.0 (released 2012-10-18)

Scrapy changes:

  • added Spiders Contracts, a mechanism for testing spiders in a formal/reproducible way
  • added options -o and -t to the runspider command
  • documented 自动限速(AutoThrottle)扩展 and added to extensions installed by default. You still need to enable it with :setting:`AUTOTHROTTLE_ENABLED`
  • major Stats Collection refactoring: removed separation of global/per-spider stats, removed stats-related signals (stats_spider_opened, etc). Stats are much simpler now, backwards compatibility is kept on the Stats Collector API and signals.
  • added process_start_requests() method to spider middlewares
  • dropped Signals singleton. Signals should now be accesed through the Crawler.signals attribute. See the signals documentation for more info.
  • dropped Signals singleton. Signals should now be accesed through the Crawler.signals attribute. See the signals documentation for more info.
  • dropped Stats Collector singleton. Stats can now be accessed through the Crawler.stats attribute. See the stats collection documentation for more info.
  • documented 核心API
  • lxml is now the default selectors backend instead of libxml2
  • ported FormRequest.from_response() to use lxml instead of ClientForm
  • removed modules: scrapy.xlib.BeautifulSoup and scrapy.xlib.ClientForm
  • SitemapSpider: added support for sitemap urls ending in .xml and .xml.gz, even if they advertise a wrong content type (:commit:`10ed28b`)
  • StackTraceDump extension: also dump trackref live references (:commit:`fe2ce93`)
  • nested items now fully supported in JSON and JSONLines exporters
  • added :reqmeta:`cookiejar` Request meta key to support multiple cookie sessions per spider
  • decoupled encoding detection code to w3lib.encoding, and ported Scrapy code to use that mdule
  • dropped support for Python 2.5. See
  • dropped support for Twisted 2.5
  • added :setting:`REFERER_ENABLED` setting, to control referer middleware
  • changed default user agent to: Scrapy/VERSION (+
  • removed (undocumented) HTMLImageLinkExtractor class from scrapy.contrib.linkextractors.image
  • removed per-spider settings (to be replaced by instantiating multiple crawler objects)
  • USER_AGENT spider attribute will no longer work, use user_agent attribute instead
  • DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT spider attribute will no longer work, use download_timeout attribute instead
  • removed ENCODING_ALIASES setting, as encoding auto-detection has been moved to the w3lib library
  • promoted DjangoItem to main contrib
  • LogFormatter method now return dicts(instead of strings) to support lazy formatting (:issue:`164`, :commit:`dcef7b0`)
  • downloader handlers (:setting:`DOWNLOAD_HANDLERS` setting) now receive settings as the first argument of the constructor
  • replaced memory usage acounting with (more portable) resource module, removed scrapy.utils.memory module
  • removed signal: scrapy.mail.mail_sent
  • removed TRACK_REFS setting, now trackrefs is always enabled
  • DBM is now the default storage backend for HTTP cache middleware
  • number of log messages (per level) are now tracked through Scrapy stats (stat name: log_count/LEVEL)
  • number received responses are now tracked through Scrapy stats (stat name: response_received_count)
  • removed scrapy.log.started attribute



  • forgot to include pydispatch license. #118 (:commit:`fd85f9c`)
  • include egg files used by testsuite in source distribution. #118 (:commit:`c897793`)
  • update docstring in project template to avoid confusion with genspider command, which may be considered as an advanced feature. refs #107 (:commit:`2548dcc`)
  • added note to docs/topics/firebug.rst about google directory being shut down (:commit:`668e352`)
  • dont discard slot when empty, just save in another dict in order to recycle if needed again. (:commit:`8e9f607`)
  • do not fail handling unicode xpaths in libxml2 backed selectors (:commit:`b830e95`)
  • fixed minor mistake in Request objects documentation (:commit:`bf3c9ee`)
  • fixed minor defect in link extractors documentation (:commit:`ba14f38`)
  • removed some obsolete remaining code related to sqlite support in scrapy (:commit:`0665175`)




New features and settings

  • Support for AJAX crawleable urls

  • New persistent scheduler that stores requests on disk, allowing to suspend and resume crawls (:rev:`2737`)

  • added -o option to scrapy crawl, a shortcut for dumping scraped items into a file (or standard output using -)

  • Added support for passing custom settings to Scrapyd schedule.json api (:rev:`2779`, :rev:`2783`)

  • New ChunkedTransferMiddleware (enabled by default) to support chunked transfer encoding (:rev:`2769`)

  • Add boto 2.0 support for S3 downloader handler (:rev:`2763`)

  • Added marshal to formats supported by feed exports (:rev:`2744`)

  • In request errbacks, offending requests are now received in failure.request attribute (:rev:`2738`)

  • Big downloader refactoring to support per domain/ip concurrency limits (:rev:`2732`)
  • Added builtin caching DNS resolver (:rev:`2728`)

  • Moved Amazon AWS-related components/extensions (SQS spider queue, SimpleDB stats collector) to a separate project: [scaws]( (:rev:`2706`, :rev:`2714`)

  • Moved spider queues to scrapyd: scrapy.spiderqueue -> scrapyd.spiderqueue (:rev:`2708`)

  • Moved sqlite utils to scrapyd: scrapy.utils.sqlite -> scrapyd.sqlite (:rev:`2781`)

  • Real support for returning iterators on start_requests() method. The iterator is now consumed during the crawl when the spider is getting idle (:rev:`2704`)

  • Added :setting:`REDIRECT_ENABLED` setting to quickly enable/disable the redirect middleware (:rev:`2697`)

  • Added :setting:`RETRY_ENABLED` setting to quickly enable/disable the retry middleware (:rev:`2694`)

  • Added CloseSpider exception to manually close spiders (:rev:`2691`)

  • Improved encoding detection by adding support for HTML5 meta charset declaration (:rev:`2690`)

  • Refactored close spider behavior to wait for all downloads to finish and be processed by spiders, before closing the spider (:rev:`2688`)

  • Added SitemapSpider (see documentation in Spiders page) (:rev:`2658`)

  • Added LogStats extension for periodically logging basic stats (like crawled pages and scraped items) (:rev:`2657`)

  • Make handling of gzipped responses more robust (#319, :rev:`2643`). Now Scrapy will try and decompress as much as possible from a gzipped response, instead of failing with an IOError.

  • Simplified !MemoryDebugger extension to use stats for dumping memory debugging info (:rev:`2639`)

  • Added new command to edit spiders: scrapy edit (:rev:`2636`) and -e flag to genspider command that uses it (:rev:`2653`)

  • Changed default representation of items to pretty-printed dicts. (:rev:`2631`). This improves default logging by making log more readable in the default case, for both Scraped and Dropped lines.

  • Added :signal:`spider_error` signal (:rev:`2628`)

  • Added :setting:`COOKIES_ENABLED` setting (:rev:`2625`)

  • Stats are now dumped to Scrapy log (default value of :setting:`STATS_DUMP` setting has been changed to True). This is to make Scrapy users more aware of Scrapy stats and the data that is collected there.

  • Added support for dynamically adjusting download delay and maximum concurrent requests (:rev:`2599`)

  • Added new DBM HTTP cache storage backend (:rev:`2576`)

  • Added listjobs.json API to Scrapyd (:rev:`2571`)

  • CsvItemExporter: added join_multivalued parameter (:rev:`2578`)

  • Added namespace support to xmliter_lxml (:rev:`2552`)

  • Improved cookies middleware by making COOKIES_DEBUG nicer and documenting it (:rev:`2579`)

  • Several improvements to Scrapyd and Link extractors

Code rearranged and removed

  • Merged item passed and item scraped concepts, as they have often proved confusing in the past. This means: (:rev:`2630`)
    • original item_scraped signal was removed
    • original item_passed signal was renamed to item_scraped
    • old log lines Scraped Item... were removed
    • old log lines Passed Item... were renamed to Scraped Item... lines and downgraded to DEBUG level
  • Reduced Scrapy codebase by striping part of Scrapy code into two new libraries:
  • Removed unused function: scrapy.utils.request.request_info() (:rev:`2577`)

  • Removed googledir project from examples/googledir. There’s now a new example project called dirbot available on github:

  • Removed support for default field values in Scrapy items (:rev:`2616`)

  • Removed experimental crawlspider v2 (:rev:`2632`)

  • Removed scheduler middleware to simplify architecture. Duplicates filter is now done in the scheduler itself, using the same dupe fltering class as before (DUPEFILTER_CLASS setting) (:rev:`2640`)

  • Removed support for passing urls to scrapy crawl command (use scrapy parse instead) (:rev:`2704`)

  • Removed deprecated Execution Queue (:rev:`2704`)

  • Removed (undocumented) spider context extension (from scrapy.contrib.spidercontext) (:rev:`2780`)

  • removed CONCURRENT_SPIDERS setting (use scrapyd maxproc instead) (:rev:`2789`)

  • Renamed attributes of core components: downloader.sites -> downloader.slots, scraper.sites -> scraper.slots (:rev:`2717`, :rev:`2718`)

  • Renamed setting CLOSESPIDER_ITEMPASSED to :setting:`CLOSESPIDER_ITEMCOUNT` (:rev:`2655`). Backwards compatibility kept.


The numbers like #NNN reference tickets in the old issue tracker (Trac) which is no longer available.

New features and improvements

  • Passed item is now sent in the item argument of the :signal:`item_passed` (#273)
  • Added verbose option to scrapy version command, useful for bug reports (#298)
  • HTTP cache now stored by default in the project data dir (#279)
  • Added project data storage directory (#276, #277)
  • Documented file structure of Scrapy projects (see command-line tool doc)
  • New lxml backend for XPath selectors (#147)
  • Per-spider settings (#245)
  • Support exit codes to signal errors in Scrapy commands (#248)
  • Added -c argument to scrapy shell command
  • Made libxml2 optional (#260)
  • New deploy command (#261)
  • Added :setting:`CLOSESPIDER_PAGECOUNT` setting (#253)
  • Added :setting:`CLOSESPIDER_ERRORCOUNT` setting (#254)

Scrapyd changes

  • Scrapyd now uses one process per spider
  • It stores one log file per spider run, and rotate them keeping the lastest 5 logs per spider (by default)
  • A minimal web ui was added, available at http://localhost:6800 by default
  • There is now a scrapy server command to start a Scrapyd server of the current project

Changes to settings

  • added HTTPCACHE_ENABLED setting (False by default) to enable HTTP cache middleware
  • changed HTTPCACHE_EXPIRATION_SECS semantics: now zero means “never expire”.

Deprecated/obsoleted functionality

  • Deprecated runserver command in favor of server command which starts a Scrapyd server. See also: Scrapyd changes
  • Deprecated queue command in favor of using Scrapyd schedule.json API. See also: Scrapyd changes
  • Removed the !LxmlItemLoader (experimental contrib which never graduated to main contrib)


The numbers like #NNN reference tickets in the old issue tracker (Trac) which is no longer available.

New features and improvements

  • New Scrapy service called scrapyd for deploying Scrapy crawlers in production (#218) (documentation available)
  • Simplified Images pipeline usage which doesn’t require subclassing your own images pipeline now (#217)
  • Scrapy shell now shows the Scrapy log by default (#206)
  • Refactored execution queue in a common base code and pluggable backends called “spider queues” (#220)
  • New persistent spider queue (based on SQLite) (#198), available by default, which allows to start Scrapy in server mode and then schedule spiders to run.
  • Added documentation for Scrapy command-line tool and all its available sub-commands. (documentation available)
  • Feed exporters with pluggable backends (#197) (documentation available)
  • Deferred signals (#193)
  • Added two new methods to item pipeline open_spider(), close_spider() with deferred support (#195)
  • Support for overriding default request headers per spider (#181)
  • Replaced default Spider Manager with one with similar functionality but not depending on Twisted Plugins (#186)
  • Splitted Debian package into two packages - the library and the service (#187)
  • Scrapy log refactoring (#188)
  • New extension for keeping persistent spider contexts among different runs (#203)
  • Added dont_redirect request.meta key for avoiding redirects (#233)
  • Added dont_retry request.meta key for avoiding retries (#234)

Command-line tool changes

  • New scrapy command which replaces the old (#199) - there is only one global scrapy command now, instead of one per project - Added scrapy.bat script for running more conveniently from Windows
  • Added bash completion to command-line tool (#210)
  • Renamed command start to runserver (#209)

API changes

  • url and body attributes of Request objects are now read-only (#230)

  • Request.copy() and Request.replace() now also copies their callback and errback attributes (#231)

  • Removed UrlFilterMiddleware from scrapy.contrib (already disabled by default)

  • Offsite middelware doesn’t filter out any request coming from a spider that doesn’t have a allowed_domains attribute (#225)

  • Removed Spider Manager load() method. Now spiders are loaded in the constructor itself.

  • Changes to Scrapy Manager (now called “Crawler”):
    • scrapy.core.manager.ScrapyManager class renamed to scrapy.crawler.Crawler
    • scrapy.core.manager.scrapymanager singleton moved to scrapy.project.crawler
  • Moved module: scrapy.contrib.spidermanager to scrapy.spidermanager

  • Spider Manager singleton moved from scrapy.spider.spiders to the spiders` attribute of ``scrapy.project.crawler singleton.

  • moved Stats Collector classes: (#204)
    • scrapy.stats.collector.StatsCollector to scrapy.statscol.StatsCollector
    • scrapy.stats.collector.SimpledbStatsCollector to scrapy.contrib.statscol.SimpledbStatsCollector
  • default per-command settings are now specified in the default_settings attribute of command object class (#201)

  • changed arguments of Item pipeline process_item() method from (spider, item) to (item, spider)
    • backwards compatibility kept (with deprecation warning)
  • moved scrapy.core.signals module to scrapy.signals
    • backwards compatibility kept (with deprecation warning)
  • moved scrapy.core.exceptions module to scrapy.exceptions
    • backwards compatibility kept (with deprecation warning)
  • added handles_request() class method to BaseSpider

  • dropped scrapy.log.exc() function (use scrapy.log.err() instead)

  • dropped component argument of scrapy.log.msg() function

  • dropped scrapy.log.log_level attribute

  • Added from_settings() class methods to Spider Manager, and Item Pipeline Manager

Changes to settings

  • Added HTTPCACHE_IGNORE_SCHEMES setting to ignore certain schemes on !HttpCacheMiddleware (#225)
  • Added SPIDER_QUEUE_CLASS setting which defines the spider queue to use (#220)
  • Added KEEP_ALIVE setting (#220)
  • Removed SERVICE_QUEUE setting (#220)
  • Removed COMMANDS_SETTINGS_MODULE setting (#201)
  • Renamed REQUEST_HANDLERS to DOWNLOAD_HANDLERS and make download handlers classes (instead of functions)


The numbers like #NNN reference tickets in the old issue tracker (Trac) which is no longer available.

New features and improvements

API changes

Changes to default settings


The numbers like #NNN reference tickets in the old issue tracker (Trac) which is no longer available.

New features

Backwards-incompatible changes

  • Changed scrapy.utils.response.get_meta_refresh() signature (:rev:`1804`)

  • Removed deprecated scrapy.item.ScrapedItem class - use scrapy.item.Item instead (:rev:`1838`)

  • Removed deprecated scrapy.xpath module - use scrapy.selector instead. (:rev:`1836`)

  • Removed deprecated core.signals.domain_open signal - use core.signals.domain_opened instead (:rev:`1822`)

  • log.msg() now receives a spider argument (:rev:`1822`)
    • Old domain argument has been deprecated and will be removed in 0.9. For spiders, you should always use the spider argument and pass spider references. If you really want to pass a string, use the component argument instead.
  • Changed core signals domain_opened, domain_closed, domain_idle

  • Changed Item pipeline to use spiders instead of domains
    • The domain argument of process_item() item pipeline method was changed to spider, the new signature is: process_item(spider, item) (:rev:`1827` | #105)
    • To quickly port your code (to work with Scrapy 0.8) just use spider.domain_name where you previously used domain.
  • Changed Stats API to use spiders instead of domains (:rev:`1849` | #113)
    • StatsCollector was changed to receive spider references (instead of domains) in its methods (set_value, inc_value, etc).
    • added StatsCollector.iter_spider_stats() method
    • removed StatsCollector.list_domains() method
    • Also, Stats signals were renamed and now pass around spider references (instead of domains). Here’s a summary of the changes:
    • To quickly port your code (to work with Scrapy 0.8) just use spider.domain_name where you previously used domain. spider_stats contains exactly the same data as domain_stats.
  • CloseDomain extension moved to scrapy.contrib.closespider.CloseSpider (:rev:`1833`)
    • Its settings were also renamed:
  • Removed deprecated SCRAPYSETTINGS_MODULE environment variable - use SCRAPY_SETTINGS_MODULE instead (:rev:`1840`)

  • Renamed setting: REQUESTS_PER_DOMAIN to CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_PER_SPIDER (:rev:`1830`, :rev:`1844`)

  • Renamed setting: CONCURRENT_DOMAINS to CONCURRENT_SPIDERS (:rev:`1830`)

  • Refactored HTTP Cache middleware

  • HTTP Cache middleware has been heavilty refactored, retaining the same functionality except for the domain sectorization which was removed. (:rev:`1843` )

  • Renamed exception: DontCloseDomain to DontCloseSpider (:rev:`1859` | #120)

  • Renamed extension: DelayedCloseDomain to SpiderCloseDelay (:rev:`1861` | #121)

  • Removed obsolete scrapy.utils.markup.remove_escape_chars function - use scrapy.utils.markup.replace_escape_chars instead (:rev:`1865`)


First release of Scrapy.